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Love your singing, hoping you'll come to Maine some time.
I have both cds and am hoping there'll be a new one soon.

What is your concert schedule???

Bob Miller08/17/13

Hi, My cousins and I are wondering if we are related? We had a large Lazarus family in Baltimore from late 1800's to today.

Your facial appearance is strikingly similar to ours, especially your nose and chin. Is it possible that we are releated? My grandparents were named Alexander and Sile/Celia Lazarus and they emigrated from what was then Russia but today is Latvia. Would appreciate any kind of response. We are not familiar with your music but will make efforts to listen. Thank you and good luck.

charles lazarus08/17/13

Love the last album. When will you be performing in the UK?

Phil Edwards08/17/13

Hi Sara, you are a poet of teh voice: an history in each word, vowel, consonant..

paolo garbini08/17/13

Hi Sara,

Could you contact me via whereby I wish to talk about your music for Singapore.

victor tan
EQ Music pte ltd

Victor Tan08/17/13

J ai beaucoup aimé votre concert a Vincennes,To Abbey, With Love.

Chloé Perron08/17/13

Hi Sara,
Great voice! I will put you on my playlist!

Best wishes

Mandy Morrow

Mandy Morrow08/17/13

Hi Sara! Long time fan from your concert in Paris. Back in the USA now, DC. Hope you'll bring the family & visit your family in Delaware & hey, how about a couple of gigs in DC???!! DC jazz scene has improved greatly in the 10 years I was gone. Please keep me on your mailing list, waiting for more CDs! bisous Carolyn

Carolyn Sorensen08/17/13

Love your music! Have both cds and I listen to them all the time. Hope a new one is coming soon.

Thomas Morris08/17/13

We loved your performance at the Saveurs de Jazz Festival in Segre.

Lesley Philp08/17/13

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